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Travel Ten Days of Happy: Countdown Calendar

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Great for ages 5-10

10 days of creativity

Whether you’re counting down for a holiday or for something else entirely, OOLY’s countdown calendar boasts 10 gifts that will inspire creativity.

This advent calendar brims with super fun products—like erasable or color changing markers, paint sticks, and scratch & scribble art cards. It contains 10 days of surprises that are sure to delight your little one! 

There’s fun activities, whimsical school supplies, and must-have tools for whenever inspiration strikes! This countdown calendar can be used for events beyond the holidays as well… countdown to a birthday? To an even bigger surprise? Whatever it is, this countdown calendar will ensure 10 days of happy!

  • Includes: 1 pencil pouch, 1 mini sketchbook, 3 erasable markers, one 48”x6” fold-out coloring book, 3 watercolor sparkle gel crayons, 3 color changing markers, one mechanical pencil, 3 scratch & scribble art cards, 3 jumbo paint sticks, and 3 waterproof vinyl stickers

For ages 6 and up.

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