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Magnetic Space Mission

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Each player chooses 1 spaceship magnet. The youngest player begins by throwing the die and moving the spaceship accordingly. If a player lands on a planet - they act according the instructions on the board. It a player lands on a satellite - they miss a turn. 

You may also revert to the leaflet to learn some cool facts about where you're at. If a spaceship lands on another spaceship, it sends it back to the starting point.

To win the race, a player needs to land exactly on the Sun or on Earth. In order to do so, there needs to be an exact match between the die and number of steps left to reach the Sun. If the player throws a larger number, they'll need to go to the Sun and then back the number of spaces left on the die.

Added bonus: Players will learn to map the planets in our Solar System as well as picking up some interesting facts about each planet.

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