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Objective: To be the first to move all 6 game pieces from one side of the board to the other.

Setting up: Each player picks a set (a set includes 10 magnets of the same color) and positions them one one corner of the six-pointed star. If only 2 players participate, they should place the magnets one opposite the other. This is true also for 4 participants. 3 players can play with 2 sets each. With 5 players, the less experienced player should play opposite a vacant corner.

The game: Game play is turn based, with the youngest player being the first to start. Players move their magnets as far as possible in one turn. A normal move is one step in any direction. A better way to move is by hopping over any other adjacent magnets with one vacant space between them. Hopping can be over your magnets or your opponent's magnets. Hopping does not impact the magnets being hopped over. You cannot hop over 2 adjacent magnets, however, you may hop as many hops as possible in one turn given a vacant space between any 2 magnets. Multiple hops is the key to winning the game.

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