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This funny interactive “quiz” identifies the things that make us special and celebrates the most special of all --- you!

Do you ever feel like you're different from everyone else? Like there's no one quite like you? Then you might be special! Take this quiz to find out! This playful book speaks directly to readers and asks questions to determine if they qualify as “special.” The first questions are pretty conventional: “Do you like to stay up late? Can you run fast and jump high? Are you sometimes wild and crazy?” Yes! Yes! Yes! But then: “Do people run away when they see your furry face and pointy teeth?” No? Definitely not a werewolf, then! This same pattern repeats for several fantastical creatures --- unicorns, dragons, mermaids. Then, finally, readers are reassured: though they may be only human, they are different from everyone else. There is no one quite like them. As the book affirms, “You're special because you're ... YOU!”

Kerri Kokias seamlessly blends silly humor with an upbeat message of self-acceptance in this charming interactive picture book. A perfect read-aloud, the book's call-and-response format is sure to be a hit with young readers, who will have lots of fun guessing each creature from the questions --- and lots of giggles answering them. Marcus Cutler's brightly colored illustrations bring just the right mix of goofiness and sincerity to the hilarious and affirming book. This winning book highlights social-emotional learning as it reinforces a positive self-image. And it's just plain fun!
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