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Travel Group Makers Kit

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Great for ages 5-12

This one-of-a-kind kit, allows everyone to run this fun and educating workshop for makers at any age, by themselves!

The kit allows endless possibilities of designs to be created by up to 20 makers! It includes more than 750 parts, 20 SuperTools, 20 sheets of instructions, step-by-step guides, and even a photo booth background.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, shop owner, or any other collaborator, with our Group Makers Kit, you will be able to introduce and integrate the charming world of The OffBits into your class/makers group/party/activity. Easily create curiosity and motivation to play and learn! 

Our Group Makers Kit provides so much fun and important skills such as creative thinking, fine motor skills, problem-solving, accepting and giving constructive criticism, and group work. Whether you want to teach science, technology, math, art or even social values. It's a wonderful way to learn and teach! 

What you can build?

Every participant can build a customized robot, a car plus the infinite unique creations you can build using your imagination.

Got cardboard, sponges, or other fun materials laying around? Upcycle everyday objects to create your own unique inventions too.

For ages 6 and up.

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