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Georgio Otter

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With a playful turn of his body, Georgio the DLux plush Sea Otter swims beneath the water with ease! One of the world’s favorite marine mammals, you can now bring home your very own! At 15” long, our Sea Otter stuffed animal boasts a perfect size and shape to cradle in your arms. Unbelievably soft plush fur with gray frosted tips makes Georgio a treat to cuddle and hug. He holds a starfish between his paws as he gazes up at you with an adorable amber eyed expression. The dark color of his eyes and nose are accentuated by a cream colored face mask that extends down onto his chest for a look that’s both cute and lifelike. Surprise a fan of this lovable species with Georgio the DLux Sea Otter stuffed animal!
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