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A Dino's Day: Diplodocus Finds It's Family

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Great for ages 3-6

Introducing A Dinosaur’s Day: Diplodocus Finds Its Family – a story time adventure that teaches kids exciting facts about dinosaurs. Go on an adventure with a baby diplodocus as it dodges predators, seeks out yummy plants to eat, and follows its family.

Packed with beautiful pictures and compelling facts, this dinosaur book can help children aged 3-5 to learn about the diplodocus species through images, pronunciation guides, and amazing facts and figures. Little dinosaur lovers can join Diplodocus on a quest to find its family in the mighty Jurassic world.

A Dinosaur’s Day: Diplodocus Finds Its Family…

– Helps children learn about dinosaurs in this beautiful picture book format
– Teaches readers dinosaur facts and behavior in a very natural way
– Includes a non-fiction section about the dinosaur species following the story 
-  Features bright, colorful pages with an engaging narrative
– Has clear and fun text to help children learn and engage easily

Teach children about different prehistoric species in this educational dinosaur book  through a fun and engaging story and vibrant images. 
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