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Summer Battleship Splash

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Play everyone’s favorite naval combat game in the pool or the backyard! All-new from WowWee, this spin on the classic game of Battleship is the perfect outdoor water activity! Just like everyone's favorite Battleship game, players of Battleship Splash Game are trying to sink their opponent’s ships. But now, you get to use water blasters! Using the included water blaster, fill with water and blast your opponent’s ship, trying to sink it before they sink yours! Water blasters fill easily by dipping the tip in water and pulling to fill up, so you can easily refill between each shot! Battleship Splash is a target game that builds aiming skills. The more you play, the more you’ll build up your skills, so you can shoot from further away. If you don’t have a pool to play in, use a kiddie pool to float your battleships and spray your water blasters from land. Fun for the entire family, Battleship Splash Game is a blast for everyone 6+. Included in your Battleship Splash Game are 2 Water Blasters, 2 Battleships, and instruction manual.
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