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Unicorn Aquabeads Decorator's Pouch

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Great for ages 5-12

Aquabeads Decorator’s Pouch is a complete craft set using beads and templates to design a unique purse with an out of this world pink unicorn theme! Set includes over 500 solid, jewel and star shaped beads in a variety of colors, along with templates, layout tray and sprayer! Everything you need to begin crafting with Aquabeads, including unique pink galaxy design pouch with top zipper closure. Simply create your bead designs following the template, and then use the design pegs to attach designs to your purse! When you’re ready for a change, swap out the designs by creating new designs for your fashionable purse!

  • Aquabeads Decorator’s Pouch DIY Purse – Pink Galaxy Purse with Mystical Unicorn Designs
  • Includes over 500 solid, jewel and star shaped beads in a variety of colors
  • Unique star shaped beads add dimension and texture to designs to bring your unicorn creations to life!
  • Create your bead designs following the templates, and after they dry attach them to your pouch to create wearable art
  • Use the pouch to store your Aquabeads crafts, school supplies, personal items and more!
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