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Skyrail League

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Great for ages 7-12

The new Skyrail League, equipped with two parallel tracks for simultaneous starting, is the perfect game for organizing incredible challenges and learning the first principles of physics!

Challenge your friends in amazing Olympic races with Skyrail League! Two parallel tracks with simultaneous starting for the marbles. Build loops, jumps, bends and straight lines for ever different tracks and exciting races... Let the challenge begin! By playing with the Skyrail line, you can experiment with some basic rules of physics, such as gravity, speed, and centrifugal force.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 14 straight tracks, 8 bent tracks, 6 bases, 8 half-loops, 28 connectors, 26 columns of 3 sizes, 1 stem, 23 knods, 21 connection joints, 14 shelves, 2 starts, 2 arrivals, 4 obstacles, 5 marbles

For ages 7 to 14.

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