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RC Rex

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Great for ages 5-12

  • THE ULTIMATE RC DINOSAUR TOY: REX is a color-changing dinosaur toy that brings the prehistoric world to life with its vibrant lights, captivating sounds, walking and wagging its tail. With the ability to change LED light colors and extend its tongue, it adds extra layers of excitement to playtime, creating an immersive experience for children.
  • UNLEASH YOUR CHILD'S IMAGINATION WITH REX: The package includes a dinosaur robot REX, a controller and 4 food pellets. Through the dynamic and engaging play with REX, this educational toy promotes cognitive development, critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and parks curiosity.
  • TONGUE-SNATCHING RC TOY: The smart tongue feature takes playtime to another level! With the ability to "Snatch & Catch" food pellets, this imaginative play toy engages children in a fun feeding game. The extending magnetic tongue adds a unique element of surprise and challenge, encouraging kids to enhance their hand-eye coordination skills while having a blast!
  • INTERACTIVE & PLAYFUL MOVES: The walking RC dinosaur can walk in multiple directions, including forward, backward, left, and right, allowing kids to control its movements and explore their surroundings with ease. With an animated tail, it also adds a delightful touch to its character. As it wiggles with excitement, it makes your child feel like they have a real dinosaur friend by their side!
  • PERFECT BLEND OF FUN & LEARNING: This incredible toy is designed to bring ages 6+ kids and parents together for hours of interactive playtime enjoyment. Take turns controlling REX's movements, guiding it through exciting adventures around the house or backyard. The joy of seeing REX walk, wag its tail, and change colors will create endless laughter and smiles for both children and parents alike.
  • Ages 6+
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