• Pokémon Graphic Collection #1: Battle with the Ultra Beast Cover

Pokémon Graphic Collection #1: Battle with the Ultra Beast

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Gotta catch all the Pokémon action in this fun new graphic novel! All the adventure and humor of the animated TV series spring to life in this thick 128-page, full-color comic-style book.
Kids who love Pokémon won't want to miss this cool comic compilation! This 128-page, full-color graphic novel includes two stories jam-packed with adventure and Pokémon battles.First, Ash is determined to help his friend's mom who has been taken by a mysterious Ultra Beast through an Ultra Wormhole! But when he finally reaches her, only a Z-move can get her back. Is Ash up for the challenge?Then, Ash takes on his first assignment as an Ultra Guardian on an action-packed Ultra mission!With tons of art on every page from the animated show airing on Disney XD, this comic book is the perfect new format for Pokémon fans.
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