• Nancy Drew Clue Book #17: Recipe Ruckus Cover

Nancy Drew Clue Book #17: Recipe Ruckus

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Great for ages 5-10

The Clue Crew has a sweet new case!

The Scene: The Faynes' house 

The Facts: Nancy buys Hannah a vintage apron for her birthday. Inside the pocket, she finds what might be a long-lost cookie recipe created by the famous baker Patty Crumbley 

The Crime: The apron was hanging in George's yard, but now it's gone! 

The Suspects:

- Christy Caruthers: she wanted to buy the apron too, but Nancy got there first

- Deirdre Shannon: the Pixie Scouts are hosting a contest to find their next cookie flavor, and Deirdre is determined to win!

- Horace Hudson, museum director: he's opening a new exhibit on Patty Crumbley

The Mission: It's up to the Clue Crew, and you, to apprehend the apron abductor!

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