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My Mindfulness Workbook: Scholastic Early Learners

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A strong educational foundation helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today's preschool and Kindergarten classrooms. This workbook helps children identify and acknowledge emotions, develop coping skills, and find inner peace and concentration.

    • 96 pages of activities to help your child develop mindfulness skills, including meditation and breathing exercises.
    • Encourages children to identify big emotions and gives them the tools to process these emotions and handle difficult situations.
    • Includes exercises that can be done with the whole family!
    • Aimed at children 4-6
    • Includes helpful parent tips throughout
    • Bright, colorful pages blend photographs and illustrations to make this workbook one of the most eye-catching and engaging available
    • Teacher approved!

Scholastic Early Learners is a dedicated learning program that builds school skills from infancy through second grade. Created by experts and focused on reinforcing curriculum topics and current academic guidelines with kid-friendly activities, this educational line is the best partner in your child's learning journey.

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