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Let's Draw Fun Animals

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Great for ages 3-8

This is NO ORDINARY how-to-draw book! It’s simple (only 7 steps) and so much FUN! Includes drawing tips, animal facts, and bonus drawing activities!

Are you ready to go on a wild and crazy drawing journey of EPIC PROPORTIONS? Just kidding. Well, it could be a little wild—we’re drawing fun animals. ROAR!

Learn how to draw 92 different animals! Follow the 7 simple stepsfor each animal to become a SUPER-FUN-ANIMAL-DRAWING-EXPERT.

You’ll draw:

  • Pets
  • Farm Animals
  • Rainforest Animals
  • Savanna Animals
  • Woodland Animals
  • Ocean Animals
  • Baby Animals

There’s lots of extra fun included inside:

  • Cool drawing tips: Did you know the letter “T” shape is the perfect nose for lambs and llamas?
  • Fun facts about animals: Did you know that the little hop that guinea pigs make is called popcorning?
  • PLUS bonus drawing activities throughout the book: draw party animals, create a comic, take your pet to the pet resort, make faces in the photo booth, and tons more!
  • And a Certificate of Awesome Drawing

Now go grab a pen and pencil and LET’S DRAW!

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