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You've seen ladybugs crawling around outside. You may have even caught one or two to hold for a moment, or keep as a pet. Do you ever wonder what it's like to watch ladybugs grow from larvae to ladybug? Ladybug Land gives kids and adults the opportunity to observe the stages of ladybug metamorphosis at home or in the classroom.

This kit features a see-through, domed ladybug habitat with a built-in magnifying lid, giving inquisitive eyes a chance to watch ladybugs grow and mature. When you're ready to begin, redeem the ladybug larvae voucher online, and you will receive 10 to 13 ladybug larvae in the mail. When you redeem your voucher, Insect Lore asks that you pay a $8.95 shipping and handling fee. You will get a tube of 10 to 13 larvae that includes all the food the ladybugs need for this early stage of life.

Introduce the larvae to their habitat, and you will see them grow, and molt for about a week to ten days. Before long, they will attach themselves to the walls and floor of the habitat and start the pupal stage. After the adult ladybugs emerge from the pupas, they will need you to provide their food.

The open, diorama-style habitat gives the ladybugs space to move about while they grow, with a water reservoir volcano in the middle for them to drink. The top of the domed habitat includes a built-in magnifying glass for close-up inspection.

After your adult ladybugs have matured for a few days, it's time to release them to the wild. While you may feel attached to the ladybugs you've raised for so long, it's best to set them free after about week of reaching full maturity.

- Ladybug Land Ladybug Growing Kit
- See through habitat lets you watch ladybugs grow
- Built-in magnifying glass in dome for a closer look
- Volcano water reservoir for feeding ladybugs
- Ladybug voucher for 10-13 ladybug larvae
- Recommended for ages 4 and older

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