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Invisible: A Graphic Novel

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Great for ages 7-12

Five students, each completely different — the brain, the rich kid, the tough kid, the jock, and the loner — are forced together to complete their school community service hours. Though school administrators gloss over these Latinx kids as all the same, the kids don't think they have anything in common with each other. None of them wants to be there, and each has their own issue they're dealing with in their life outside of school. But when they encounter someone who truly needs their help, will they be able to come together to work as a team — and help their community — after all?

By award-winning author Christina Diaz Gonzalez ("Moving Target") and illustrated by Gaby Epstein (The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel adaptations), this is a fantastic story told in English and Spanish from two incredible Latinx talents.

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