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Do your children love watching butterflies flap their wings and move from flower to flower outside? Teach your kids about the lifecycle of butterflies with this hands-on butterfly garden. This kit includes a pop-up butterfly habitat, a voucher to redeem 5 baby caterpillars, instructions, and a feeding dropper.

Set up the pop-up butterfly habitat in a good location. Redeem your voucher for caterpillars (an additional $7.95 shipping and handling fee from Insect Lore is required). Once the caterpillars arrive, follow the instructions for care and setup, and let your children get hands-on with this project. Watch the caterpillar eat and grow up to 10 times its original size. Before long, they will hang upside down and form chrysalides. Soon, beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies will emerge. Take some time to feed and care for them before you release them to the wild.

- Butterfly garden kit
- Pop-up butterfly habitat
- Voucher to redeem 5 baby caterpillars from Insect Lore
- Butterfly garden instructions
- Feeding dropper
- Excellent way to teach about life cycles and stages of development
- Recommended for ages 4 and older

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