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Akedo Series 1 Starter Pack

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Great for ages 5-10

Enter the world of Akedo and the Ultimate Arcade Warriors! Mini Battling Action Figures with Next Level intensity! All the extreme moves of arcade fighting games has leapt off the screen and into your hands for some REAL battling action! Choose your Warrior, battle with fury and finish them with a Split Strike! -

GAME OVER! Take on and challenge your friends as you battle to become the Ultimate Arcade Warrior.

READY: Select your Warrior and place them onto your Battle Controller. FIGHT your opponent with speed and fury then watch them fall as you finish them with a ""SPLIT STRIKE""! The world of Akedo has over 38 epic Mini Battling Action Figure toys for boys to collect and fight with. There are so many awesome Warriors to find with different fighting styles plus different weapons. Search for Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare and Legendary Warriors.

Hunt down the Limited Edition ""Glow-in-the-Dark"" Mythical Lightning Viking- Stormstrike! Keep collecting to build the ultimate team of Akedo Warriors.

Prepare for battle with the Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Starter Pack. This special pack This special pack gives you all you need to play the official tournament rules of Akedo. Train your Warriors to be their best and practice using the bonus Rotary Dummy.

It's perfect for getting your Warriors match ready as they perfect the ultimate Split Strike. The Starter Pack includes three Arcade Warriors: Toxinator, Hi-Ashi and Nightblade. Hi-Ashi is a Legendary Warrior with a realistic kicking action who can deliver a Split Strike with his foot of fury! Place your Warriors on your Exclusive Joystick Controller that only comes in this pack and train your team for next level battling action!

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